We hand selected our first Elk Bulls and Cows we chose for breeding. Each calf is documented and its blood line recorded.


Our Elk are raised on an all natural, Oat based grain mixture, specifically formulated for healthy, sweet meat production.


Nomad Acres is an accredited Elk Farm and is a member of the Pennsylvania Elk Breeders Association. Certified by the PA and US Depts of Agriculture.

Nomad Acres LLC was founded in 2005 by Patrick and Eileen Conners.  It is a realization of our passion to live a more independent life, working towards self sufficiency on our 300 acre farm property.

In addition to the beautiful elk, we have Heritage Turkeys and Tamworth Pigs, as well as the cutest collection of unusual free range chickens.  Needless to say, there is not a silent moment on this farm!

Nomad Acres, a place to leave your “madness” behind, but also a place to roam throughout a peaceful valley with streams, a stocked pond, bluebird boxes, wood duck boxes and lush food plots to support local deer and wild turkey populations.

Come and visit the Nomad Acres family!

no·mad acres Pronunciation: no-mad a-kers Function:noun

  1. a broad expanse of farm, pasture and game land nestled in the hills of Clarion county, where you can come, wander the farm, relax watching chickens…pigs…turkeys…elk…or just the beautiful pond, and go home with the tastiest, healthiest meat on the planet!